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To ensure our customers enjoy their visit, you can find out about our facilities, our club rules, and some frequently asked questions. You can always get in touch with any unanswered questions and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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Each of our play rooms have been been designed to cater for a variety of fun. Our cinema area streams adult films with leather sofas to relax and enjoy the entertainment. There are glory holes and a secret crawl space located in the dark area at the top of the stairs and are adjacent to a lockable boudoir room. We have an equipped Dungeon room for that added bit of kink!

The couples room also boasts a large wall to wall bed for fun and frolics for couples only! The room also has an ample sized viewing window for the voyeurs and those who are not permitted to enter. We have two luxurious private rooms that are lockable and are located between the swing room and the greedy girl room. Our greedy girl room has a round bed to maximise involvement in an inviting plush and pink play area.

Amour have a four seater hot tub, a sauna, and dual open plan showers.We have a strict policy of no sexual activity in the hot tub for cleanliness and for the health and hygiene of all customers. Towels are available from the bar, shower gel and shampoo are readily available in the wet room, a hairdryer is available in the changing room and straighteners are available upon request.


Rules & Etiquette


We pride ourselves on creating a safe and inclusive environment to ensure that all of our guests enjoy their visit to Amour.

We expect that all of our guests respect each other’s boundaries and privacy, and remain respectful and polite within the establishment whilst having fun, so follow our simple rules, and you can’t really go wrong.

Failure to follow these rules will result in you being asked to leave without a refund, and your membership may be revoked.

  • No means no.
  • Do not touch without asking, or being invited.
  • If you are observing, please do so quietly.
  • Keep the play areas clean and tidy.
  • Don’t enter into rooms that have a closed door.
  • No mobile phones / camera equipment are permitted outside of the locker area.
  • Drugs / Drug use will not be tolerated.
  • No sexual activity permitted in the hot tub
  • We fully promote safe sex. Condoms are available from behind the bar.

You may be be asked to leave if we believe your level of alcohol consumption affects your welfare or the welfare of others.


Do I need membership?

Membership is only available for single guys. This gives them the opportunity for some discounted entry costs. For membership, you will need to bring ID with you. Don’t worry, this is strictly confidential information and we do not make copies of it. You can opt for six or twelve month membership and will receive your complimentary entry into the club on the night your membership is purchased.

For a six month membership, the cost is £60 and for a twelve month membership, the cost is £90

Do I have to dress down?

Yes. This is a dress down club, however, before the dress down curfew you can wear typical smart or sexy clothing but you will be invited to dress down when the time becomes appropriate.  For men, this can mean a towel, shorts, or bare. Women can wear towels, lingerie, sexy clothing, or bare all.

We do have dressing gowns available for guests to use the outside smoking area but you are welcome to bring your own.

The only exceptions are for the social sessions and for fetish events, when you will be expected to wear typical fetish attire. Private parties and theme nights may have their own dress code also.


Do you serve alcohol?

We aren’t a licensed premises but you are welcome to bring your own alcohol which we will keep behind the bar and serve to you. We stock a full range of mixers and soft drinks.

Is it okay for a single female to attend?

More than okay. We offer a safe and friendly environment. You can arrange to meet friends or play partners here. Our staff are more than happy to keep you company over the bar while you find your feet and our regular clientele are a friendly bunch.

What happens on our first visit?

You will be signed in at reception and introduced to staff. You will be given a tour of the premises and a key for a locker to store your valuables. You can place any alcohol you have brought with you behind the bar and then you are welcome to socialise in the bar area, relax in the sauna or hot tub in the wet area or head straight to the play rooms. Our team are on hand to help with anything you need.

I'm a TGirl, can I attend?

Yes! Amour is inclusive and TGs/TVs/TSs are welcome any time at the club. In addition, we do offer events especially for TGirls and their admirers.